How to Join PTR to Newbie

These article dedicated to newbie like me who wants to join PTR (Paid To Review) program and make some $. I'm newbie here in PTR after browse and find related information on the net about this program. And decided to share the information before joining such program.

As you know that there's so many PTR available you can join in, each of them have rules and terms of they own. But in general side they have similiar fulfillment to aquired by the blogger. There are :

1. Blogger or Publisher must have a blog(s)

Create a blog from famaous blog provider blogger.com, wordpress.com etc or create your own blog using your own hosting provider. But if you want to join the program, i preffered create it on blogger rather than wordpress. Because wordpress is SEO friendly and easy to use but... it is forbidden by any ads, it is only a personal blog.

2. 3 month old blog is a must

All PTR program do not accetpt blog under 3 month years old (90 days), so i must be patient before join the program. So just keep post a good article as long as 3 month and keep in good shape but not koma. :)

3. Have 10 articles per month is a must on the blog or last 30 days

Your blog credibility, write articles you like and interesting things. Sharing information what you doing, what happen around you and the globe.

4. Blog must indexed in search enggine like google or yahoo

Submit your blog to search enggine, you can try indexed at google here : http://www.google.com/addurl/ and at yahoo here : http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html just click the link.

5. The blog are in english.

Try writting your blog in english, or you can try more lesson in writting in english :D
But you can still write your blog in your langguage for some articles but still english for the review articles.

6. Increase your blog traffic.

Try some blogwalking or social networking make a comment or a litthe chat on your friend's blog. And watch what will happen ??

Want to try the PTR ??


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